Analytic Bricks product Rainbow provides end to end solution of Big Data analytics based on totally open source softwares/tools. Rainbow can connect with any type data sources and perform ETL or ELT task, data security, data governance, perform Real-time Data Processing System, Batch Data Processing System, Centralised Data Processing System, Online Data Processing System, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Business Analytics, Business Report, Voice over analytics, Chat over analytics.
Rainbow could easily deployed on any cloud platform like Amazon AWS ,Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure.
Rainbow could easily integrated with any hadoop distribution provider like Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and it could easily accessed through any browser to visualize the any type of business analysis report with a simple user authentication.

AnalyticBricks has built a ready made Hadoop Cluster for professional/corporate users to execute their POC's as well as Real Time Projects, we also provide professional/corporate training to give the awareness of upcoming technologies and will discuss to solve their real time problem using these technologies.

Product features

Establish connection seamlessly to any database, custom data source, flat files or APIs ....

Connect to one or multiple datasources such as Relational Database Sources (RDBS) like Oracle, Postgress and MySql, Columnar Databases like Greenplum and MariaDB, Big Data Databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, etc. You can also connect to flat files such as CSV and text as well as fetch information from any API. Our prototype has unique and developer-friendly framework enables you to build your own projects and connect to any custom data source using Java APIs. Thus, you no longer need to depend on vendors and product release cycles for a custom requirement. You, as a client, are empowered to add functionalities at your own will.

Data Connections

Creation and consumption of BI from browser itself, no heavy tool are required ....

Being a 100% browser-based BI tool, you can connect with your database and analyse across any location and device. There is no need to download or install heavy memory-consuming developer tools – All you need is a Browser application! We are battle-tested on most of the commonly used browsers.

100% Browser Base

Ensure proper data security and access by role and users ....

Out prototype has four levels of data security ( Organization, Role, User and Profile ), which ensures an Administrator can control which person(s) gets to see what and the kind of functions the person(s) can perform. We also support CAS, LDAP and other external DB authentication mechanisms. The solution can thus be seamlessly integrated with your product.

User and Role Management

Schedule to email reports and dashboards to your inbox ....

Schedule to send any report or dashboard in any format like PDF, image etc to your chosen email ID. Our prototype provides extensive scheduling options, possibility to select from the email IDs from which mail will be sent, options to configure content for the subject, etc. You can also configure for more functionalities like saving in FTP, triggering emails based on certain events or values, etc.

Auto E-Mailing

Drag, Drop and Create Reports on the fly ....

Our prototype has self-service capabilities is one to reckon with. It allows you to simply drag and drop columns, add filters, apply aggregate functions if required, and create reports and dashboards on the fly. For advanced users, the self-service component has ability to add javascript, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3 and AJAX. These customizations allow you to create dynamic reports and dashboards. You can also add new charts inside the self-service component, add new kind of aggregate functions and customize it using our APIs.

Self Services BI

Analyze your data using traditional and modern methods of reporting, dashboards, maps, whatif analysis, infographs etc ....

We support traditional methods of reporting like tabular reports, cross tab reports, dashboards and geographical dashboards, as well as modern methods of data analysis such as infographs, storylines, mashups, what-if analysis With support of advanced, scientific and statistical charts like dendrogram, circle packing charts bubble charts, treemaps etc., we also cater to the need of data scientists and researchers. You can also add new visualizations, create and integrate custom visualizations with the placeholders for javascript, html, CSS etc.

Data Analysis

Caching ensures increased performance even with concurrent users ....

Our prototype has comes with server-level caching which is highly configurable; caching ensures that even with large data and many concurrent users, performance is not hampered. Also, caching ensures that we are not making multiple requests to the databases. Caching happens both at the RAM level as well as hard-disk level. Administrator has the option to delete cache, selectively delete cache files and perform other operations. Using our prototype has Workflow advanced things like scheduling the cache etc can be performed.


With Our prototype has same report can connect to different ....

With Our prototype has same report can connect to different physical databases dynamically based on various conditions like organization, user, role etc.

Dynamic DB Switching

Voice over Analytics

Chat over Analytics